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The wings of humankind is its aspiration. - Rumi


As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner. - Rumi

Gets clearer and cleaner

The simpler our hands and hearts, the more free of the world around, the happier we will be. - Rumi

Simple hands and hearts

If you are really not aware that God is constantly hunting for you, then pay close attention to every breath you take. - Rumi

God is constantly hunting for you

Don't feel lonely. The entire universe is inside of you. - Rumi

The entire universe

Give birth to the Beloved in me and let this Lover die! Let a thousand wrangling desires become one Love. - Rumi


Tend to your vital heart, and all that you worry about will be solved. - Rumi

Vital heart

Purify your stubbornness. Drown it. Burn it. - Rumi


I come to you without me, you come to me without you. - Rumi

Without me and you

Only from the heart can you touch the sky. - Rumi