There are many types of quotes, all having a place in our lives. There are inspirational quotes that make you want to make the world a better place, motivational quotes that energize you to conquer the world, funny quotes that put a smile on your face, quotes from famous people that remind us what great people live amongst us, love quotes that can melt your heart in one line, and many, many more types of quotes.

But there is one category of quotes that is possibly more timeless than any other. A category of quotes that can open new avenues of thinking for the reader, that can enlighten you in a split second, and bring clarity to every situation within a few lines of text. These are the quotes that capture the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, gems that have withstood the test of time and been proven true over and over again through hundreds and often  thousands of years.

YogaQuotes.com is the unexpected, but natural evolution of my favorite pastime of collecting quotes from Eastern traditions, traditions rich in wisdom and teachings that our world much needs today.

As an avid yogi, with a longstanding interest in Eastern philosophies and schools of thought, ranging from Yoga to Buddhism, Taoism and beyond, I decided to share all the quotes I have gathered over the years, and continue to gather today, in one place where anyone can access them and benefit from these wise words.

I have found the quotes that appear in this website, in many books I have read, speeches, and the internet. Under every quote I try to list at least one book, or video where the quote appears in. There are many books that have great quote collections, and I encourage you to purchase them for your library as they may bring comfort and insight when you need it.

The quotes that appear in YogaQuotes.com are not from the Yoga tradition alone but from all the related Eastern traditions that are interconnected.

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I hope you enjoy reading these quotes, and if I may make a suggestion, don’t read too many quotes at once. Read one or two at a time and think about them for a day. Over time, that practice will change your world.



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