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There's one Cosmic Essence all-pervading, all-knowing, all-powerful that can be called by any name, form, symbol that suits you. - Integral Yoga

Cosmic Essence

A person who has attained enlightenment will always be peaceful, love everybody equally & never get disturbed over anything. - Integral Yoga

Love everybody equally

The more attachments we have, the greater the bondage; no attachment, no bondage. - Integral Yoga


Life itself is a journey toward spiritual awakening; it is a pilgrimage. - Integral Yoga


The world is a testing ground where you're purified, given experiences & shaped to make you fit to reach the goal of Yoga. - Integral Yoga

Testing ground

The light is always within you but it is up to you to make use of it. Keep the light always in front of you. Follow it always. - Integral Yoga

The light

The more u give the more others will take care of you. Forget yourself completely & you'll find that the entire world is yours. - Integral Yoga

Forget yourself completely

In the spiritual life, all paths lead to the same place. - Integral Yoga

Spiritual life

Good company—satsanga is powerful. Just by keeping the right company, 1 can obtain spiritual liberation, yogic scriptures say. - Integral Yoga

Good company

The Gita says that the Self is eternal. The body may die, but the soul never dies because the soul is part of God. - Integral Yoga

Self is eternal