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The whole world exists in love. We come with love & we go with love. In between, we live with love. Love is the basis of everything. #yoga - Integral Yoga

Love is Yoga

Forgetting your true nature and looking for happiness in external ways, that is the basic ignorance: Avidya, 1st klesha. - Integral Yoga

The Basic Ignorance

Whenever you get into any negative thought or problem, remember: I’m not the body, not the mind, immortal Self I am! - Integral Yoga

Immortal Self I am!

When you have made the mind calm & clear, you express the divinity within you. This is the goal of Yoga. - Integral Yoga

Divinity within you

Let nothing get harmed, hurt or pained, even by your thought. This is ahimsa. - Integral Yoga

Hurt or pained

Anything and everything is nothing compared to peace of mind. - Integral Yoga

Peace of mind

Disease is nothing but the disappearance of our natural ease. - Integral Yoga


It is only when the mind is calm, clear and unruffled by desires that we can experience supreme Peace. - Integral Yoga

Supreme Peace

Through meditation, you become a well-charged battery. - Integral Yoga


You can't love the other person as your own Self if you do not realize your own Self within you. - Integral Yoga

Love other person as your own